Photon Server Unity3D Client SDK TCP timeout behaviour

Hello everyone,

In our unity game we are trying to detect server connectivity state. Basically we need to say that user disconnect after being unable to reach our game server for a specific period of time. While we were using UDP we saw that we can set the DisconnectTimeout of "PhotonPeer" class and it worked fine. However we could not find a way to make this work for TCP connections. Any ideas will be appreciated!

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  • At the moment, this timeout can be set for TCP but is not used internally.
    We will fix this in an update.
    How urgent is this topic for you?
  • Hi,
    We have changed our protocol from UDP to TCP and we will send next build with TCP protocol to store. So it is a bit urgent for us.

  • Very urgent topic. When there will be an update?
  • Also to note. The PhotonPeer class can be edited. Adding your own time out functionality to it, wouldn't be to terribly hard.
  • We were off for the holidays but we're now packaging the SDKs.
    This fix will be in there. TCP timeout will be settable with the DisconnectTimeout value.