Access different room in game

I was looking over the forum and didn't see anything touch this topic really. Well not in the way i an thinking. I was wondering if it was possible to log in, say a lobby room. and from there you can select a say npc and get the option to join a different room, different map. So you can choose between matchmaking coop, deathmatch free for all, or any other sort of match from that in game area. Then once done with the match from set timer you are given your reward then ported back to that set room without being logged off. And if it is possible, could you help me figure out how to make it so


  • Or initial login be an offline, single player log in say like PhotonNetwork.offlineMode = true then later in the game if you unlock a level you can then make a call to join a lobby/room? Is this possible?
  • Yes, you can disable offline mode and ConnectUsingSettings(). You can't turn your offline room into a online room per se, but you could keep the state and bring it online and sync it just as if it was online all along.
    However, we would not name it "login" when you use the offline mode in fact.

    I don't understand the initial post. Can you rephrase the question?
    This might help:
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