Please can someone help me with this connection error

I keep getting this error in console and I have no idea what it means? Thanks:

Operation failed: OperationResponse 225: ReturnCode: 32760 (No match found). Parameters: {} Server: MasterServer
NetworkingPeer:OnOperationResponse(OperationResponse) (at Assets/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/NetworkingPeer.cs:1146)
PhotonHandler:Update() (at Assets/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonHandler.cs:125)


  • @iosdev
    The error means that PUN client tried joining a random room but couldn't find any in the TypedLobby and region and application version used [and meeting the criteria of the matchmaking filter you specified if you did narrow it].

    So it's "an error that should not be considered as one" but rather as a signal or acknowledgment or response from Photon servers.

    Generally the PUN client should create a new room with same "conditions" so that other players could join it later. But it depends on how you want to handle it: ask the player to start a new game or do it internally.
  • I solved this by editing region whitelist in Photon Edit Settings. It worked for me.
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