Communication between two Photon server

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Hi everyone, is there any nice implementation for communication between two photon server of different application(.dll)?
In my case, I have to run a database server and a logic server(a photon server). Now I want to write a application(.dll of photon) on the database server, which can receive the database access request from the logic server via photon, then do all the stuffs with the database, and return the result to the logic server.
I suppose to implement this by making the application(.dll of photon) in the logic server a photon client, and each time it receives database access request from the clients, it deliver the requests to the database server's photon application.
This should be a solution but when I write the codes I got stuck. Too many problems occured.
Can anyone tell me whether this idea works? And if there's any other great idea, please tell me.


  • The idea itself if valid and feasible. It depends a bit on the type of "work" you want to do on the DB side of things but in general, it's ok.

    I'm not sure if my server-side colleagues have something to share right away, but Photon 3 (soon to be released) will support a new Server to Server type of connection, which will make this interaction much easier.
  • it's so exciting to hear that Photon 3's coming. But if I've done this case before it comes, would that be a disaster lol
  • If it's working, why should it be a desaster?! If you start waiting for the next best thing, you will be waiting all the time ;)