What am I doing wrong? Every time I send a private message I get Invalid Operation

I'm trying to implement a private messaging system to replace our game's old messaging system, but ever time I call SendPrivateMessage in response I get "Chat Operation 3 failed (Code: -2). Debug Message: Invalid operation code". Why is that?

And a question about the target parameter. Is target suppose to be the name of the private channel "sender:target" or just the name of the target?


  • Also, is the AppId for PUN Chat different or the same as the AppId I use for regular PUN? This could be the problem, I'm using the regular pun ID for both.
  • @Lothar100
    The AppId and product/SDK types should match.
    So you need to use Photon Realtime AppId with PUN and Photon Chat AppId with Photon Chat SDK.
  • and you should use as target userid of user to whom you want send a message.