RPC and offlineMode

At the time it seems that the RPCs "agressively" try to push along the same path in online mode as offline mode.
Problem is that PhotonTargets.Other / OtherBuffered will just not send anything.

This makes sense when in online and might potentially be by design.
My problem is that in offline mode, for example in a situation "player" - > master client -> everybody but master client it makes it impossible to switch the same to offlineMode even when player and master client are within the same for the purpose of testing the flow for example or to implement a single player + AI training.


  • I have considered this, but sending others to yourself will only do more bad then good (especially othersbuffered!). Furthermore I do not see any problems with the current implementation.

    In offlinemore the local player is always the master client. Offline mode should work as intended, since it is exactly the same as being a masterclient with no other players around. I don't see where this can go wrong if the multiplayer code works fine, am I missing something?
    "player" - > master client -> everybody but master client
    I see no problem with the current implementation. Player -> masterclient will work. Then, sending it to everyone but the masterclient will not arrive. This is intended, as in multiplayer(online) this would also not arrive on the local player (master client).

    Besides, if you suddently start getting Others and OthersBuffered messages in offline mode it will get very messy.
  • That naturally is a good point, that it "would behave differently", although thats granted from start as various functionalities are not available in offline mode at all which already make it behave differently.

    But keeping it simple and clean is likely the better way after all.

    I've updated the title to be not that missleading
  • What is a 'master client'?
  • Its basically what you call "server" in unity networking. Its where you offload the game logic too that would normally run on photon, its the "I decide, you follow" client ;-)