Datagram Size

edited August 2011 in Photon Server
Right now, we’re also using Photon in order to communicate with some web services to use a persistence layer that is currently implemented in another server.

The workflow is the following:
* Client send an event for ask some information through the server
* Server receive the petition and ask to the ws the info required
* Server receives the answer of the ws (JSON String ) and introduces the answer in an entry in the
hash table that is returned to the client.

* Client receives the hashtable, get the content data and do some internal stuff.
The problem that we are facing is that sometimes the result of the invocation is longer than 1200 bytes, and in that case, the event in the client is never triggered.

As I said previously, the ws services return some JSON strings and if the size is below 1200 there’s no problem.

What do you think that we can do to assure that the whole string return??

Is precise to code something else in the server or client to achieve that?

At this moment, we are thinking in change the focus and divide the work in various events sent from the client and manually reassemble the info in some data structure if Photon cannot provide that functionality.

BTW, our current work is heavily based in LiteGame , Lite and LiteLobby