Is OperationDispatcher sequential?

edited August 2011 in Photon Server
In LitePeer the PublishOperationResponse is using a FiberPool to ensure that the responses are send sequentially. Am I correct to assume that the OperationDispatcher sends responses sequentially?

If yes is there a similar publisher to publish event (PhotonPeer.SendEvent) ?
Or must I use a FiberPool to enqueue the events?
Which would mean -I guess- a second FiberPool counting the one for the OperationDispatcher, right?

PS: An irc channel would be great to ask quick questions :)


  • The Rpc.Peer has a request and a response fiber.
    Outgoing messages like events go through the response fiber, incoming (operations) through the request fiber.
    Methods like PublishEvent do automatically use the response fiber.
    Photon 3.0 got rid of the response fiber as it made things more complicated than necessary, so don't worry about it too much if you are going to switch anyway.
  • Thanks (I can remove my PublishEventSequentially method).

    A good update of the doc & samples for 3.0 will be needed :)