Unable to Connect with custom auth

I'm getting the following photon error when trying to connect to chat server with the latest Unity SDK.


DebugReturn: OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 32755 (Failed to parse token from request). Parameters: {} on: ns.exitgames.com:5058

I've looked at the other thread and I believe I'm correctly setting up the ChatClient and calling Service().


I've double checked the appID's and auth tokens and they are all consistent with a single environment and what I would expect them to be.

This is my first pass at integrating Photon Chat so I don't have a previous working version to fall back to. It seems like the client isn't passing along any of the auth parameters when it tries to connect despite my providing them to the client.


  • JohnTube
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    edited August 2015
    Please change your code from
    AuthenticationValues authValues = new AuthenticationValues() {
                AuthType = CustomAuthenticationType.Custom,
    AuthenticationValues authValues = new AuthenticationValues();
    authValues.AuthType = CustomAuthenticationType.Custom;
  • Actually problem is with PlayFab authentication. We already contected them last week. Hope it will be resolved soon
  • Thanks guys! I was able to get my feature written using a Photon Chat server without custom auth, I'll
    try this out and post back if it resolved the issue. Thanks!
  • The following code now authenticates and connect to the photon server. Thanks again! Glad it was something simple.
        public void ConnectToPhoton(string appId)
            this.chatClient = new ChatClient(this);
            AuthenticationValues authVals = new AuthenticationValues(this.playfabID);
            authVals.AuthType = CustomAuthenticationType.Custom;
            authVals.AddAuthParameter("username", this.playfabID);
            authVals.AddAuthParameter("token", this.photonAuthToken);
            this.chatClient.AuthValues = authVals;
            this.chatClient.ChatRegion = "US";
            this.chatClient.Connect(appId, "1.0", authVals);
  • Strange I used the same code as you and still getting : "OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 32755 (Failed to parse token from request)". Is there still issues with Playfab->Photon integration?
  • Also I use everything right, passing Playfab ID and photonAutoToken which I get from Playfab API call. Player account in Playfab I am using has username and display name and player ID all correctly setup.
  • Ok,just ignore my messages. It started working now....