Setting up Zeus on ec2

I'm trying to setup a Zeus master server on an Amazon ec2 instance (Windows).
Whatever I do, every attempt to connect to it ends with the message "Could not connect to the master server at [EndPoint my.public.ip:24000 | ...".

I have configured my security group to allow inbound UDP ports 24000, 25000, 26000, 27000 and did the same in the windows firewall. (I also tried to allow every udp/tcp port and completely disabled the windows firewall, I don't think that's the problem)

I configured Zeus to use the "Private IP" of the instance in the config as master IP as well as Ip0-Ip2 on the natprobe. I added my game id to the config as well (also tried to remove it, as this should allow every game to be registered, no difference).
In the bolt settings, I set the endpoint ip to the "Public IP"/"Elastic IP" of my instance, followed by ":24000".

I tried to scan the port using nmap ("nmap -sU -p 24000 -Pn my.public.ip") which returned the state "open|filtered" and caused an exception on the Zeus in my instance, I therefore assume the ports are open and the client can reach the master server.

Did I forget an important step? I tried to figure out the problem for almost two days now and am out of ideas.


  • TobiasTobias admin
    edited August 2015
    I am not sure if Zeus can work with EC2's private IPs. This means there has to be an extra step for NAT.
    I am not sure if EC2 allows Zeus to do its NAT Punch magic. To do so, Zeus will actually try to send messages to clients and EC2's NAT could easily prevent that from going through.
  • I think a few people have Zeus on EC2. Usually Bolt Chat Search is helpful
  • I've set it up on EC2. It remember it was a bit hard, since the errors Zeus provides give little insight on what to fix.

    If I remember correct, I just put the private IP that EC2 shows on desktop into all the parameters within the config.

    As soon as I'm back at my computer, I'll post my config.
  • bigdbigd
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      **YOUR GAMEID**
    I believe you can leave the GameId field empty and it will accept any gameid to register itself.

    Hope this helps!
  • LeozLeoz
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    Thanks for the help everybody!
    I was finally able to connect to a master server. I hosted the same instance again, but this time in Frankfurt, which is a lot closer to my location than the first instance I started (Oregon). This solves my issue for now, but it's still strange that the log doesn't mention that the connection attempts timed out (which is the only explanation I can come up with, but I don't have much knowledge on networks).
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