AutoJoinLobby Disabled in PUN v1.60

With the release of PUN v1.60, the default for AutoJoinLobby is false.
Due to that, PUN calls OnConnectedToMaster() when you can create/join/match rooms.
Without joining the lobby, PUN will not call OnJoinedLobby() as usual before.

AutoJoinLobby can now be set in the PhotonServerSettings file in the project. It was always more like a project setting than anything else.

When you import PUN into existing projects, you need to make this setting one time. Updating PUN will keep the PhotonServerSettings, so you don't need to touch this setting again.

We prefer games to use Random Matchmaking over listing rooms. The process to get into a room is much leaner when you don't use the lobby to show rooms. You can use JoinRandomRoom() without being in a lobby. You can attach rooms to any lobby and you can set and u se "Properties in Lobby" for filtering, too.

Especially for games with lots of rooms, this makes more sense. The users can't really make use of long lists of rooms, as there is no real difference to each: The ping is the same for all.

Hope that helps.


  • GameDevKev
    edited January 2016
    I have enabled autojoinlobby, but having issues
    UPDATE: autojoinlobby was working, wasn't aware taht we couldn't get player list from lobby

    still having major issues, says Im in lobby but lists no players in lobby... is the lobby a room as stated? If so why doesn;t PhotonNetwork.playerList show players in lobby?

    Documentation reads "unless you join a lobby via PhotonNetwork.joinLobby"
    This must be a typo in the documentation, might want to fix this :neutral:
  • Tobias
    I'm sorry if the doc is misleading, but player names are not available in the lobby. Sending those for potentially thousands of games is not feasible.

    Can you (by chance) point us to where the faulty doc is?