couldnt able to connect to photon server

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i coudnt able to connect to photon sever. When i tried to connect i got a error message with status code 1039.
i couldnt able to figure the problem. can i know why i am getting this error?

NOTE: i tried with the sample demo project also. i am getting the same error.
Client sdk : iphone-photon-sdk.
server : test server (as in demo project).


  • Are you trying to connect from the simulator or from an actual device?
    If on simulator, do you have any firewalls running on that computer? If so, please try, if it helps, to deactivate them. If you are sitting behind a proxy or a router, they could be a problem, which you should check.
    If on device, have you tested both, wifi activated and 3g deactivated and vice versa?
    With "test server", you mean ""?

    Errorcode 1039 indicates a low-level connection error, so has not to do anything with high-level Photon connection logic.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    i am using the photon server for the past 4 weeks. i coudnt able to connect only from today morning. It was been working fine even yesterday. i didnt change any firewall settings. i tried in ipad device also but i was unable to connect to the test server(

    Log Message while running the app
    -[CPhotonLib PhotonPeerDebugReturn::]
    ERROR: PhotonPeer_Connect() failed! PhotonConnect_createConnection() failed.
    -[CPhotonLib PhotonPeerStatus:] with status code = 1023
    status default
  • sounds like you have the 30-day trial license running and its expired. on this page here:
    you'll find a Free License (100 CCU, no expiry) this works without time limitation, just swap it with the old license file and it should work.
  • Just checked myself: seems, the Photon-server on is currently down.
    I don't know, when it will be back up again (actually, this server is only meant as a convinience, so you can download andd immediatly test the demos from the client-sdk out of the box, when this server is running, without having to start a server, change the url, etc. We explicitly do not guarantee any uptime of this server or that the Photon version running on it will be compatible to any available client, but as we need a default server url in the demos anyway and localhost isn't making much sense on devices, which are not suitable to run a Photon server on them (like iOS), we use this url, which at least at some time will have a Photon server running on).

    Therefor this comment is provided with the consstant defintion in code:
    // please start your own photon server, if possible, as these servers are not guaranteed to be available or compatible to your client

    For any usage of Photon that goes beyond a quick first look at the client demos you should download the server sdk and start your own Photon server instance (any Windows PC, capable of running at least XP, and reachable via wifi will be fine for local testing).