Mouse click not working (on my colleagues PCs')

I'm experiencing a strange bug, occurring only on my colleagues machines, involving mouse clicks. On my machine everything works (!!?). It's not a hardware problem (I tried switching mouses, etc..).

When the user left-clicks, its character is supposed to fire a projectile (as you can see in ExecuteCommand). This is not working on the machines I tried it on except mine.

Also, mouse movement (yaw and pitch) is fluid on my PC, and very jittery and unsensible on other PCs (unsensible meaning that you have to move the mouse a lot to change the camera direction).

Every time I tried, I was using a local Bolt server (i.e. both client and server on the same machine).

This is the code controlling the player (pretty standard stuff, mostly copied from the advanced tutorial).

public class PlayerController : Bolt.EntityBehaviour { const float MOUSE_SENSITIVITY = 2.0f; private bool _forward; private bool _backward; private bool _left; private bool _right; private bool _jump; private bool _fire; private float _yaw; private float _pitch; private PlayerMotor _motor; void Awake() { _motor = GetComponent(); } public override void Attached() { state.Transform.SetTransforms(transform); } public override void SimulateController() { PollKeys(true); IPlayerCommandInput input = PlayerCommand.Create(); input.Forward = _forward; input.Backward = _backward; input.Left = _left; input.Right = _right; input.Jump = _jump; input.Fire = _fire; input.Yaw = _yaw; input.Pitch = _pitch; entity.QueueInput(input); } public override void ExecuteCommand(Bolt.Command command, bool resetState) { PlayerCommand cmd = (PlayerCommand)command; if (resetState) { _motor.SetState(cmd.Result.Position, cmd.Result.Velocity, cmd.Result.IsGrounded, cmd.Result.JumpFrames); } else { PlayerMotor.State motorState = _motor.Move(cmd.Input.Forward, cmd.Input.Backward, cmd.Input.Left, cmd.Input.Right, cmd.Input.Jump, cmd.Input.Yaw); cmd.Result.Position = motorState.position; cmd.Result.Velocity = motorState.velocity; cmd.Result.IsGrounded = motorState.isGrounded; cmd.Result.JumpFrames = motorState.jumpFrames; } if (entity.isOwner && cmd.IsFirstExecution && cmd.Input.Fire) { Transform caster = this.gameObject.transform; BoltEntity projectile = BoltNetwork.Instantiate(BoltPrefabs.Projectile, caster.position + caster.forward + caster.up, Quaternion.identity); projectile.GetComponent.AddForce(caster.forward * 5f, ForceMode.Impulse); } } private void PollKeys(bool mouse) { _forward = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W); _backward = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.S); _left = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A); _right = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D); _jump = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Space); _fire = Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0); if (mouse) { _yaw += (Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X") * MOUSE_SENSITIVITY); _yaw %= 360f; _pitch += (-Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y") * MOUSE_SENSITIVITY); _pitch = Mathf.Clamp(_pitch, -85f, +85f); } } }

Any help is very, very appreciated.

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  • Not sure if this helps, but I'll notice that the lower the framerate of the game that I'm running, (i.e. the more lag I have) a lot of my Input's fail to send true. With a normal framerate, all of my clicks and button inputs are detected and work fine, but if the framerate is lower and choppy, it takes me clicking more than once for it to do what I asked.

    also when does this function get called?
    public override void ExecuteCommand(Bolt.Command command, bool resetState)

    Is it called every frame, or called every time your server is available to receive inputs, etc???
  • @Symptom Thank you very much, that solved the problem

    @Symptom @kittyLLLL
    I'm not sure about the lower frame rate reasoning though... If FixedUpdate, SimulateController and ExecuteCommand are called at fixed time frames, then aren't them more likely to miss inputs if the framerate is higher?

    For example, if they are called 60 times per second, but the framerate is 120 (i.e. Update is called 120 times per second, together with OnMouseButtonDown, etc.), shoudn't they be missing around half the inputs?

  • @matte Yea, you are right. Lower frame rates would maby make it less likely to miss input? Anyway, if done like this, it wont matter :smile:
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