Has exit games or FHOLM or anyone submitted bug reports to UNITY3D related to the IL2CPP problems.
If you dont then someone should. Otherwise unity will never fix their bugs either. Its a raw deal and at the very least to get forward momentum towards fixing these issues we should at least get a bug report number on unity issues.
If there is not one I can create one if you give me the issue with the IL2CPP build and bolt.


  • I corresponded with Chris offline and asked the same. I took the lack of a "yes, we have submitted some bug reports" as a no. He did indicate that they needed to test with the latest patch release of Unity (p4 at the time) and that they'd compile a list of problems when that testing was done. That was on July 14th. I haven't yet heard back. I haven't pushed harder because I can no longer afford to wait. I've moved my projects back to uLink (where we started before pursuing Bolt).
  • This is so unprofessional. We need the ticket IDs of the bugs you have submitted. If more people push for it, we will atleast see some progress being made on that front.
  • dddddd
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    This thread is almost one month old and still has not been addressed. Nice.
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