Request: Get the frame that a state property was last updated in (if at all)

Since I need to manually defer creation of certain GameObjects until a minimum set of state properties have arrived on network instantiation, it would be nice to be able to tell easily if all of the properties I need are up to date.



  • If the data you require is immutable, you can send it as a token in instantiate on the server.
  • ashoulsonashoulson
    edited July 2015
    Unfortunately not. This is for things like transforms and the player ID of a vehicle's current driver. Also arrays of data.

    Even just knowing if the property has been updated at all since instantiation would be helpful.
  • Callback possibly?
  • ashoulsonashoulson
    edited July 2015
    Callbacks don't always fire (or I can't set them fast enough) for when the property first gets its initial value. If I had a guaranteed way of setting a callback in such a way that it would fire in the initial set, then I could track the property's "freshness" myself, yes.
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