Could I send Hashtable of Hashtables?

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I try to made response for join operation i.e. list of hashtables, but this didn't work.

 [ResponseParameter(Code = (byte)IndigoLobbyParameterKeys.CurrentGames, IsOptional = true)]
        public IList CurrentGames { get; set; }


joinOperation.CurrentGames = new List<Hashtable>();

CurrentGames[0] = SomeHashTable;

In response on server I see my data, but nothing comes to Flash Client.


  • KaiserludiKaiserludi admin
    edited July 2011
    I am not sure about the restrictions of the flash client (it has some more restrictions on datatypes than the other clients, due to restrictions in the language itself), but in general: Lists are not supported by the protocol. You could send a Hashtablearray instead or a Hashtable with other Hashtables as values or a mix of these two approaches. Both can have as many dimensions / be as deeply nested, as you need them to have/be.
  • Lists are not supported (use arrays).
    Hashtable-array support is relatively new and not yet on all clients possible. The DotNet, Unity and Silverlight SDKs support it since v6.4.0.
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