Web Soket Client

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Beautiful, WebSocket is in the latest version of Photon Server.
What to do in the unity customer to fit the WebSoket?


  • The Photon Unity Networking package is the only client that supports WebSockets currently. They are used automatically when you build for WebGL but not in any other case.
    You have to modify the PhotonServerSettings to define your server's address and then you need to export.
    I think on the server side, you might have to setup certificates. I will ask Nicole to chime in on that.
  • Hey,

    the Websocket support in the Photon Server SDK 3.x might still have a few bugs, but it will be part of the upcoming Photon Server SDK 4.0.

    You will be able to use non-secure websocket connections "out of the box" (just start Photon), while the secure websocket connections require a certificate setup. Here is a guide for that:
    http://doc.exitgames.com/en/onpremise/c ... -ssl-setup
  • Thanks for responding
    Have you plan to release a standard unity client with web socket?
  • We plan to but that's currently not high prio. As it has the potential to break other exports and as it's a "Unity 5 only" feature, we are not sure when it is ready.
    Let us know ahead of time, if you would like to plan something.
  • hello
    I actually planned to market my poker game in September.
    This one is based on Photon and Photon Unity3D sdk server (load balancing).
    I had expected that the Facebook version of tune with Unity Player but as you know this one no longer works in Chrome.
    That is why I hope a version of Photon Unity3D sdk running Web Gl so with Web Socket.
    Best Regards
    MARQUIS Vincent
  • Thank for realease :smiley: