All players in one room

I want to create a multiplayer tournament between players. And all the players playing the game should enter automatically to the tournament when it starts. It starts periodically after each T time. How can I do this using Photon? Is it possible to have unlimited number of player in one room? Should there be a host that is one of the players that creates a room an all the other are joining or there is another way that Photon provides? Can a server host all players and count down the time to determine if it is time to end the tournament or to start a new one?


  • It's not a good idea to put everyone in one room. At least, if you have a lot of players eventually.
    Do the players interact? Or do you just have a score ranking per tournament?
  • No players don't interact with each other. They only have some scores and in tournament the winner is the player with the highest score. And for each player they can see two player scores that are ahead and 2 player scores that are behind him. This is not an interaction, right?
  • Yes, right, that's not interaction of course.

    If you want a proper solution, I propose to use the Server SDK to create a new logic, which is less dependent on the Room. Without events for Join and Leave and a logic to update a leaderboard per turnament.
    The default logic is not able to provide a score table with the +/- 2 players per client.

    I will ask my colleagues to chime in how they would start.