get properties bug for Lite

edited July 2011 in Flash (deprecated)

there is a bug for lite app, when you try to get properties of actors something like
sendOperation(94,  new Array(12/*Properties*/, 2, 11/*Actors*/, new Array(1, 2)));

operation on server just cant cast to List<int>, even if you try in flash this
var v:Vector.&lt;int&gt; = new Vector.&lt;int&gt;(&#91;1,2&#93;)
sendOperation(94,  new Array(12/*Properties*/, 2, 11/*Actors*/,v));

so I fixed it this way
public class GetPropertiesOperation : Operation

&#91;RequestParameter(Code = (short)ParameterKeys.Actors, IsOptional = true)&#93;
//public List&lt;int&gt; ActorNumbers { get; protected set; }
public IList ActorNumbers { get; protected set; }



  • Thank you for finding this bug.
    We will change the property to an int array for the next release.
    &#91;RequestParameter(Code = (short)ParameterKeys.Actors, IsOptional = true)&#93;
    public int&#91;&#93; ActorNumbers { get; protected set; }
  • also if you want get only 1 actor parameters for example
    photonServer.sendOperationToPhoton(94,  new Array(12, 2, 11, new Array(1)))

    this didn't work either