Example of cached events

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As I understand it:

I can call the raiseEvent function and use the option to cache the event. I am trying this:

function sendMsg(e):void
var myData:Object = new Object();
myData.msg = txt.text;
var myOptions = new Object();
myOptions.cache = {EventCaching:{AddToRoomCacheGlobal:true}};

c.raiseEvent(1, myData, myOptions);

I do not get any compile errors and the event does not get delivered to the others in the room but it also does not get to the new people who join the room. Please tell me where I am off. Thank you!


  • Hi,

    Ty myOptions.cache = Constants.EventCaching.AddToRoomCacheGlobal;
    Your code assigns object instead of enum to cache option and should generate an error complaining about parameter type (check it in onOperationResponse).