No router, no photon?

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Nearly finished my base code (login, mysql and basic unity scene) :)
But today as I am developing locally I didn't bother to turn on my router... and couldn't launch photon. I realised that if I don't have a life connection I couldn't test my code. :x

I often use a laptop to develop and more important to show my work-in-progress to people (hear investors) and a net connection isn't always available. Banks or venture capital don't always have a connection in their presentation rooms or... they don't like that we connect to their network ("Please I need your money but first I must hack your network").

- Is there a way I can have a basic running photon (with 2 connections at least for demo) without a net connection?
- If not don't you think it would be a nice addition to your licence offer?

This can be -perhaps- related to the LAN redistributable license discussion

PS: I know this is related to my last post but.. not quite.

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