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Hello photonians, we're using photon chat for our game and I'd like to ask a question about chat channels.

Is it possible to maintain a chat channel while no one is subscribed to it? As I understand it, a client subscribes to a channel, if there is not a channel named such, it'll be created, and on last user unsubscribing, the channel is destroyed. What I want is, before a certain timeout( let's say 48 hours) users should be able to register to that channel and continue, even if at some point there were 0 users in the channel. Thanks in advance.


  • Hello, IronDuke,
    we are sorry, but right now this is not possible.
  • Hi Chvetsov, thank you for the response. Having learned that what I asked is currently not possible, are there any workarounds? In our game, there will be many players with guilds, and we plan to create a channel for each as "Guild Chat", which guild members will subscribe on entering the game. Problem is, when no one from the guild is online, they would not be able to reach the message history (historytofetch) and thus missing out on news. Any ideas to solve that from photon side?
  • Well, we are going to start work on plugins for chat. so, that you will be able to get history from your database
    but implement everything correctly is not quick task.
    So, nothing sofar
  • I see, thank you for the response :)
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