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Tobias admin
While exchanging mails with some of the developers who use Photon, I got a pointer to a development blog.
Dragagon posts on many of the topics of MMO game development and some those posts are downright tutorials. Check out his page under:

Another page I wanted to share is a developer forum in Russian. Most of all it's a forum about Unity3d but some of the posts also discuss Photon. There is also a translated documentation (which I can't read). Have a loot at: ... 702#p27702

If you know of any other good resources, let us know.


  • Edwin Lyons also blogged a tutorial for Photon and Unity: ... with-unity
  • Hey guys,

    I have also started with some basic tutorials, they are unity/photon related, but since the Question about database integration comes up very often I decided to
    explain how to setup redis ( and use it with photon. The installation part is almost finished, as soon as time permits I will explain how to use it
    together with photon, enjoy!: ... ty-photon/
  • Just found this post about movement syncing. Might be interesting: ... nt-part-1/
  • Hey tobias, just wanted to stop in here and let everyone know that I have done a set of video tutorials covering an introduction to Photon 3.0 as of RC3. It can be found on my YouTube channel. It covers everything from getting Photon up and running to creating a server and connecting to it from unity3d to sending requests and getting back responses and events as well as getting encryption going. I'm also working on another set of tutorials that cover setting up a "server cluster" following a similar pattern to the load balancing code. I have started both text based tutorials on my blog as well as accompanying video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

    Thanks for ya'lls software package, its been a blast to work with and I can't wait to see where this takes me.

    Christian - CJR Gaming
  • Hey Christian,
    thanks for creating all that material! It's always great to have more than just the in-house documentation.
  • just started watching, awesome videos! I think many people will find them very helpful.