Photon Flash tutorial for newbie

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Hello everybody,

After research some game online services I decided to choose Photon Server and I am a newbie in Photon Flash, can somebody here help me where I can find tutorial in flash because I need to build up a demo project which can send and receive message from client to server, client is flash and server is photon runs on localhost , I just read the code in demo-chat and it is complicated to understand :? ( I'm stupid :) ) so I need a very basic tutorial just send and receive message .

I'm appricate it .
Thanks for reading .


  • I am sorry but we don't have so many tutorials written for AS3. The demos in the package are so simple and basic, that we assumed that would be OK.
    There should be a API reference doc in the zip you got and aside from that, all of the principles for "Realtime" also apply to games done in AS3. Only the language is a bit different.
    Do you know AS3 well? What is your goal with the project? A web based game or export to mobile?
  • Hi Tobias,
    Thank you for your reply, I don't know AS3, I just know c# , our project is 3D using unity engine for client and photon for server , our goal of project is can run in web, ios, android, window phone, black berry... we wants project can run in multi platform but flash is high priority and the deadline of this project is short that is why we decide to write in unity, but when build to flash it has a lots of bug . We know photon give projects are Lite , LiteLobby , MMO , Load Balancing ...but we need to handle all of project so that is why we have to build up server by ourself using photon framework. Would you please to give us some advices that we can use Unity and Photon in easy way without PUN or AS3 .

    Thanks for reading.
  • All our packages for Photon Clients in Unity are written in C#. You will either need the Photon Unity SDK or PUN on the client side. No need for AS3. The Unity engine will export to all platforms.
    Unity's Flash exporter is kind of incomplete and deprecated, so the export will not always work. We can't help about that, though. This would be a topic for Team Unity.