Unity WebGL

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Is there a support of Unity WebGl planned?



  • We have a Photon Unity Networking version that supports it already. Once we updated all servers for websocket support, we will update the PUN client in the Asset Store accordingly.
    https://groups.google.com/a/exitgames.c ... /pun-webgl

    The Photon Client SDK for Unity doesn't support WebGL yet but will follow.
  • Hello
    I see you advence well for the PUN,
    Have you got an idea of a delai for the Client and server SDK(weeks, month, year, before or after the holidays).
  • Same question as Vmarquis but for Photon cloud.
    Any estimated date ?
  • We plan to have WebSocket Support in the next Server SDK and in the next PUN update.
    For the client SDKs we have on our page, things are a bit more tricky, as I don't want to add a reference to the WebSocket.dll to our general library. So I have to decide how we implement and package it for the LoadBalancing API from the Photon Unity Client SDKs. But in general, things are there and working.
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