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I'm using PUN and the Chat API. The Photon network replication works fine, I can see other players move and interact without a problem; the chat was working, but after 10:30 (Spanish time, GTM+2) when I try to connect the chat I get the "Invalid authentication ticket" error.
It fails in the Connect method:
chatClient.Connect(chatAppId, "1.0", playerName, null);
The OnConnected callback isn't executed.
The request to the NameServer gets this response:
OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 0 (). Parameters: {(Byte)230=(String), (Byte)221=(String)OTX.....} on:
And when trying to connect to the FrontEnd, it gets this response:
OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 32767 (Invalid authentication ticket). Parameters: {} on:
Is there some kind of error on the server?
If you need more data, tell me what I should provide.


  • do you still have problems?
  • I still have problems, yes. In the mean time, I have changed the chat to use PUN RPCs.
    I tried with a version of my project from last week, when the chat was working, to see if it also show the same error, and it does.
    Is there a way to show more debug logs?
  • there is not such posibility
    could you send us you appid? we will try it
  • Let me know if it works for you.

    Admin edit: please don't post AppIDs in public. Send them per PN (on request only) or per mail to [email protected]
  • our appId does not exist in our base. That is why you see this message.

    So please check that you send or use correct appid. or just generate new one and use it
  • Please check the App IDs in your dashboard. It seems like you had a copy-paste-error of your App ID.

    Good luck!
  • I have found the problem.

    Where I was getting the user name, it returned null. So when I tryed to connect to the server, it failed.

    Some of my coworkers must have changed the method of getting the user name in our code. Now it return null under some circunstances. Fixing this, it connect correctly.
    The error returned from the server made me think there was an error with the AppId or the server it self.

    Thanks for the help and sorry to have bother you with this.
  • That is greate. Now i see less errors in logs
    and i will take a look how it is possible to correct this situation
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