YoVille like MMO using Unity and Photon

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I am creating a completely 3D YoVille like MMO using Unity as the client and Photon as the networking. First of all is this possible with the Free Indie 50 concurrent license? My thoughts are that during development and when we first go live the 50 concurrent license would be more then enough since it will take time to build up a user base.

The game is a Christian take off of YoVille promoting Healthy Christian values. Our Target age group are preteens (9+) right on up to adults. We are aiming for a enjoyable, educational experience the whole family can comfortably get into with out worrying about themes they might not approve off.

Some planned features include:
Player owned Apartments/Houses (instances of a general apartment scene)
Furniture, clothes, pets, ect that you can purchase in game
Mini-Games that allow you to gain in game money
any other features I come up with

Ok if this idea is doable with the free indie license then my goal for today is to get something very basic setup.


  • Boris
    Boris ✭✭
    Sure, the 50 concurrent user license is enough for development.
    There is no difference to the full license other than it limits the concurrent connections, so as long as not 51 developers work on one server at the same time you are fine :)