Hello World broken outta the box?!

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Hello Team!

I finally got around to messing with Photon Cloud and it's pretty nifty. Particle demo works, but the hello world demo fails authentication. Same app id, I made sure it was the correct ID from under the Turn Based dashboard. Can anyone on the Photon Team confirm the demo is working? I'd love that demo as a starting point as since the particle demo is a little overwhelming.

Thanks, appreciate any help!



  • Hi,

    Looks like hello demo is slightly outdated since we switched to nameservers.
    For quick fix set MasterAddress = "ns.exitgames.com:5058" in cloud-app-info.lua (this is nameserver in fact, not master) and replace client:connect() with client:connectToRegionMaster("EU") in main.lua (or other region of your choice).

    We will update demo in next sdk release.
  • Thanks Team, thanks for not pulling a PubNub and leaving all the examples broken, that broke my heart.

    I've managed to get some of 'em working, but definitely looking forward to the fixed demos.

  • Corona SDKs updated. Please check and feedback.
  • I'm back and they work great! Man, that particle one is pretty dense, I'll have to map it out and see what everything does. It's pretty full-featured!