Debug Photon Server with Unity Client using free IDE

edited June 2011 in Photon Server
I have tried many ways to debug my server DLL using MonoDevelop and Visual C# Express 2010 to no avail. I have read a bunch of posts in these forums and elsewhere. I have concluded that I need to be able to attach my debugger to the process PhotonSocketServer.exe. I see no way of doing this with MonoDevelop and I've tried several workarounds in Visual C# Express 2010 (since this operation is not made available by default).

What I would like to be able to do is:
1) Either start PhotonControl manually or have my development IDE start up PhotonControl post-build
2) Build my server
3) Either run my Unity client manually or have my development IDE run my Unity client post-build
4) When the Unity client makes a call to the PhotonSocketServer, it will hit my breakpoint in my server code

If anyone has successfully got this working using a free IDE, please help me. My development is at a standstill until I get this part working.



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