Stop auto-joining rooms on creation?

edited April 2015 in DotNet
As the title says, when I create a room using opCreateRoom() it sets CurrentRoom to the last made room? Why is this the case? Surely it should only join a room if I use "OpJoinOrCreateRoom()" ?


  • Creating a room will also join that room. You can't create rooms without players inside.
    So the created room becomes the one you're in.
  • Ah your comment in my other thread helped solve this issue (Pay attention to the lobby!) But could you explain the difference to me. What is the difference between
    OpCreateRoom() and opCreateAndJoinRoom()? It seems kind of redundant to have the second option, if a room is automatically going to be joined anyway right?
  • The difference is that OpCreateRoom() simply fails when the room exists already.
    OpJoinOrCreateRoom() attempts to join the room and creates it if it doesn't exist yet.
    OpCreateAndJoinRoom is hopefully a typo on your behalf and not in the API ;)
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