LAN game

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I have a question about Photon.. Is it possible that you have a mobile/tablet device as the server, and clients connects with other mobile devices over a wlan to that device? Thus no connection to external servers.

tnx in advanced!


  • If the device has installed a PC version of windows like windows 7, vista, xp or the windows server editions, than technically it would be fine. We do not support mobile OS for running the server on, they can only handle clients, so this will rule out nearly all mobile devices and tablets.

    But although it is technically possible, depending on the OS, the Photon server is not optimized for running on those devices.

    However the main problem, which you will experience, is: the licenses are bound to the server hardware.
  • Tnx for fast and informative response!
    Guess ill have to find another solution or build one my self ;)