CustomTypes.cs parameters do not match delegate!

edited March 2015 in Photon Chat
Assets/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/CustomTypes.cs(34,20): error CS0123: A method or delegate `CustomTypes.SerializeVector2(System.IO.MemoryStream, object)' parameters do not match delegate `ExitGames.Client.Photon.SerializeMethod(object)' parameters

Hello, I am just getting started with PUN, and with that working well, decided to add Photon Chat Unity SDK to my project.
I get the above error plus 3 other similar errors relating to CustomTypes.cs.

I guess 1 file must have overwritten another of a different version but that's supposing.
I have PUN and Photon Chat in the Plugins folder to work with Unityscript.

Any clues?
- Schizoxiety


  • Please clean anything "Photon" from your project and then get the latest PUN version (1.51) from the Asset Store. That should include the ChatApi in a working condition.
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