Photon3Win8RT.dll is a debug version -> fails WAK

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I'm trying to create packages for my windows store game, but the app fails the certification system check, reporting the dll Photon3Win8RT is compiled as debug version.

I downloaded the version of the SDK.

Any solution?


  • OK, found a solution here: ...

    Sorry, I made a bad search ;-)
  • The next release should include the release dlls as expected. Glad to read you found it.
  • Thanks Tobias,

    now I stuck in a problem that appears serious. The acknowledgment control on Windows Store refuses my package reporting that using external APIs is not permitted.

    I've compiled my app in VS2013 targeting Windows Phone 8.1 and all runs fine on the emulator, but the physical device disconnects before leaving the Master and connecting the Game Server.

    Tryng to downgrade the app targeting Windows Phone 8, VS refuses to add Photon3Win8Phone.dll. The error says that is not possible to add a reference to a not compatible assembly or a major version.

  • Solved the disconnection problem, I'd misconfigured the Photon Server.

    However WAK is reporting some reference to unadmitted Windows API in the Photon3Win8Phone.dll (release):

    ◦L'API non è supportata per questo tipo di applicazione - Api=System.Security.Cryptography.AesManaged. Modulo=SYSTEM.CORE, PUBLICKEYTOKEN=7CEC85D7BEA7798E. File=Photon3Win8Phone.dll.
    ◦L'API non è supportata per questo tipo di applicazione - Api=System.Console. Modulo=MSCORLIB, PUBLICKEYTOKEN=7CEC85D7BEA7798E. File=Photon3Win8Phone.dll.

    SYSTEM.CORE and MSCORELIB are not admitted modules.

    Any Ideas? Perhaps, is there some unused reference in the Photon3Win8Phone project?

    Please check, my app is working, but not publishable in the Store.

  • OKOK, It seems that my LOCAL WACK was not up to date, and reported the error. The Online WACK passed the tests after I simply referenced the Release version of the Photon dll. First time errors were due to the Debug version referenced.
    I've tweaked a bit the dll with Reflexil, now I don't know if some reference I've changed (System.Runtime.WindowsRuntime) could have done the trick, but now all is working right.

    Sorry for hassling the forum with my bad English :)



    NO, this is not the solution!
    The WACK is passed, but there is no way to make the app working.
    I've downgraded to Windows Phone 8.0 and I've now a test version onlilne.
    Hope Exit Games will provide an 8.1 compatible version of the sdk.
  • What exactly did you downgrade to 8.0? The SDK/Tools or your app?

    My assumption is that it would be ok to make 8.0 support obsolete and go on with 8.1 only. What do you think?
  • I downgraded my app and I'm now targeting Windows Phone 8.0. The application runs fine referencing the Photon3Win8Phone DLL and passes the WACK (if there is one for 8.0) for APIs. I succesfully published the beta version of my app this way.

    The previous version of the app, targeting Windows Phone 8.1 and referencing the same release of the SDK runs fine, but does'nt passes the WACK.
    Playing with Reflexil I patched the internal references of the Photon3Win8Phone.dll to mscorlib and System to the WindowsPhoneApp (rather than WindowsPhone) framework, that have version and different PublicKeyToken, and the WACK passed succesfully, but the app (most obviously) didn't work, showing a file not found exception loading System.dll.

    I think the Photon SDK must be recompiled referencing the correct framework (, but this would breaking compatibility with the Windows Phone 8.0 targeting, so there must be two separate versioins of the Photon SDK.

    I think the 8.0 support is OK, it's not so obsolete (developing for 8.0 is widening the audience) but 8.1 is more flexible and we want definitively support for it :)

    Just for knowledge: I've subclassed the Photon Server for my app in Visual Basic and it runs fine as game's master for my app.

    Thanks for checking this.
  • It's good to read you could help yourself and make it work with 8.0.
    will take a look into 8.1 support then. Hopefully for the next release or short after that. Maybe a "portable lib" is the solution here. We'll see.
  • Thanks Tobias, I'll be glad to collaborate.

    8.1 faces way better features... One for all: event managers in the UI are thread safe, you can react to a Photon event normally without to make use of Dispatch method.
  • What's the correct SDK to port my app in silverlight to include in a web page? My trials are unsuccesful. Is that goal achievable?
  • We don't support Silverlight anymore directly. Interest was really low.
    You can try with one of the DotNet libs for Win 8 or Phone but I'm not sure that works.
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