BIG Showstopper Issue: Unity 5 + IL2CPP

Cannot connect from iOS at all when compiling with Unity 5 and IL2CPP!
Get a "TimeoutDisconnect while connecting to: Check if the server is available."; only my connection is fine and I'm literally connected to it on my Mac on the editor.
Trying on an iPad 4, switching to Mono compilation magically fixes it.

My code just keeps trying to reconnect every few seconds, eventually I get the crash from the attached screenshot...
I'm doing IL2CPP, Universal architecture. This is a major showstopper since Apple won't be accepting non-64-bit binaries anymore!


  • Hi BlackLotus.

    We know how much of a ShowStopper this is, but unfortunately this is caused by a bug inside Unity3D itself, not by a bug in Photon, so I am afraid we can't do anything about it except for continuing to ask the guys at Unity to hurry up with fixing it :-(

    Feel free to contact them to tell them that their support case 672031 is a major show stopper for you and that you need it to be fixed ASAP. Maybe it helps to raise their priority for this issue if just enough of their customers tell them, how important it is.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply Kaiserludi!

    Is there a proper way to contact them for this? Should I just make a post on their forums with really big caps or is there an issuetracker sorta thing (since you apparently have a number for that already)? Or both? ;)

  • Starting with Unity 5 bug descriptions can be marked as public, so that others can comment on them and vote them up: (point 5))

    However this bug has still been reported with Unity 4 and with Unity 4 bug reports are always private and only visible to the reporter and to the Unity employees investigating and working on a fix so there is no official way to do this.
    Maybe makes sense.

    Please also pay attention to this thread, where I am posting updates about our test results with new unity patch releases:
    That thread is about Unity 4.6, but when that version gets fixed there, then its likely that those issues will very soon also be fixed in Unity 5.