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Hi there,

I'd like to write a wrapper for Photon Chat for Android but actually there is only the NDK version available? Is the Java part not there or do I just miss it?

What's the difference in general compared to Photon Realtime? I mean I can use Realtime for chat as well, right?

I'd like to use the single client SDK's so no Unity/Cocos whatever. ;)



  • Is my question too difficult?
  • Hi, Xaron.
    Please wait. I think today you will get answer
  • Hi Xaron.

    I am afraid that our Android Java Client SDK does not support Photon Chat yet.

    Unfortunately the Client API between Chat and Realtime is completely different.

    As the Chat-specific layer of the Client code base is open source you could theoretically have a look at one of the Client SDKs, which already support Photon Chat (C#, C++, Lua, Javascript) and port that code to Java, but that would be quite some work.