SendRate Best practice ? Low ping - weird teleporting

hi there

I have a simple question, from a nagging issue I've had for a while now. Im making a 2d multiplayer free for all game and for whatever reason, at really low ping times (30-50) I would get random teleporting, and weird Transform exploit issues only from certain players. Thats no matter how many at a time (I have max 6) no matter how many projectiles and particles on screen.

I am using the interpolation smoothening from the Photon "Docs". Do you guys have any ideas what could be behind this ? Currently my sendrate is at 60 per second for a method that checks position, rotation and isGrounded

Im desperate to hear you guys' input, since I am due to softlaunch within a week, and this is currently unacceptable. The only idea that I have, which Im currently solving, is that the players get certain nullref errors and at those times something barps and maybe packets get lost....?



  • Did you try synchronization w/o smoothing? Is it teleporting same way?
    Why don't you use default send rate? Maybe it's too high and client can't handle all updates and skips some which can cause the issue?
  • Even with 6 players, wouldn't a sendrate of 60 obliterate the msgs per room guidelines?
  • thank you very much for your guys' insights !! I will try putting the setting to default, which I believe is 10 - or at he very least go with lower numbers.

    I have tried without smoothening, but the movements in general start looking weird.

    @FarmerJoe : what do you mean with obliterating room guidelines :D ??
  • Without interpolation movements should be jerky. But if aside this no teleportations as before then interpolation implementation fails. Otherwise, probably position updates skipped.