CCU License Question

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I'm kind of confused about the CCU free license, I'm working on creating a MMO using Unity3D and I want to use Photon Server to handle the MMO aspect. It seems that some are saying the CCU Free license is for 10 CCU, then 50 CCU, but downloads section says 100 CCU, so just kind of wondering which one is it or am I missing something? O.o


  • Boris
    Boris ✭✭
    It used to be 50 free ccu, but we increased it to 100 free ccu.
    There is also a free 20 ccu license included with the bootcamp demo that you can download from the unity store.
  • Can the 100CCU license be used with the bootcamp MMO demo or is that not possible?
  • It can be used for any game - including the MMO Demo or the Bootcamp Demo. You are allowed to use one free license per game you make.

    You can't run 10 server for the same mmo and limit each to 100 ccu. In fact, this wouldn't even make sense, as server hosting would be expensive this way.
    Most of the assets and some of the code of the Island and Bootcamp Demo are belonging to Unity Technologies. We use them as showcase for using Unity, which is allowed. You have to look at their licenses to see if you can use it in your own product, too.