Duplicating chat messages

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Hello! I've been having a problem with some code from photon's chat demo that I've been using to make my own chat to my liking but hit a problem with duplicating chat messages here is the code:

public void OnGetMessages(string channelName, string[] senders, object[] messages)
if (this.chatClient.TryGetChannel(selectedChannelName, this.doingPrivateChat, out this.selectedChannel))
for (int i = 0; i < this.selectedChannel.Messages.Count; i++)
string sender = this.selectedChannel.Senders;
object message = this.selectedChannel.Messages;
Debug.Log (string.Format("{0}: {1}", sender, message.ToString()));
GameObject ChatText = (GameObject)Instantiate(Resources.Load("PlayerMessage"));
ChatText.transform.SetParent(GameObject.Find ("Image").transform,false);

what i'm tying so do here is instantiate a UI text and set its parent to my chat scroll bar but when ever I send a message each one will add another


Hello hello hi
Hello hello hello hi hi


  • The channels include all messages. Not just the new ones (which are in the messages parameter). The new message is provided to you AND stored in the channel.Messages list.
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