need sample about PhotonNetwork.Friends

hi All,
im using PhotonNetwork to build an Moba game. Photon Network is Great solution of Network.
i have problem and knowledge about Friends in PhotonNetwork.

anyone can show (code) or (project) that using :
how to implement them to game lobby or game room



  • HI,

    FindFriends use discussed several times in the form. For example:

    PhotonNetwork.FriendsListAge is age of friend list info (in milliseconds). It's 0 until a friend list is fetched. (from documentation)
  • on the way
  • i want to knowledge all about PhotonNetwork.Friends

    how to addfriends?
    how to getlist of my friends?

    how to show name list of my friend?
    how to kick or all about friends like facebook function?

    i have knowledge about Photon just by research an project like viking photon and forum, but im not find any sample (may as full simple project) that i can understanding about PhotonNetwork.Friends, cos this classes very needed to me
    help me pls,

    this sample code i try :
    if (PhotonNetwork.Friends != null)
    					foreach (FriendInfo info in PhotonNetwork.Friends)
    						if (info.IsOnline)
  • from the latest code, found 0 friends
    how to addfriend?
  • Please use only one topic to discuss this:

    You need some external service to add/remove friends and to get a list of their names. Then you need to use that service's user ID as custom auth value in Photon to be findable.
    You need to be on the Master Server (not in the room) to find friends.
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    hi All, im really sorry about this post,

    i just found a sample in!/content/1786 .. hahahahaa

    im feeling stupid at last :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: