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Hi guys, i'm new to Unity and Photon but i want to create a MMO game, have the plan made, have the 3d modeles i need, have some of the scripts i need but no MMO client/server kit, i sow that there is a bootcamp demo or island, something like that but i need a demo kit with user/pass login.

I've looked on the forum at the blank server setup + ciient setup, is that enough for me? any guide step by step for beginner and no take long time to understand everything? Any client login to server example out there? If u guy require something in return for your help i can only help with 3D models.

Thx in andvance, with respect,


  • From another thread in the forum: "The mmo demo does not cover a login process." Boris recently wrote how he would solve this, so I think you can learn from this thread:

    All demos we have are in the SDKs and described online. An overview is here:

    Maybe some of the users on our forum are interested in cooperation for models and will help with coding.
  • Oayhan
    Oayhan ✭✭
    I'm past halfway completing login code with the help of boris and will publish the source here once I'm done.
  • oh ok, perfect, thx for answering, btw, i can also share things from the asset store :D in exchange of my programming part. Don't hesitate to ask.
  • You're welcome!
    I assume you only share your own stuff from the asset store. Is your name in there also Kotzu?
  • nope, is my bro's name there cuz they banned me for offering help to ppl that are looking for 3d models :P Since my bro is paying for what i need and some ppl he makes group buys, i can't rly share any more infos, but for anything, ask in PM, to not post here what's being traded.
  • I hope that's not an offer to share stuff you didn't produce yourself. Dull as this might sound to some, this is not a board for piracy.
    Hope this is clear.