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Hi, I'm Rhee

Game Dev in Korea.

I'm using photon chat as our global chatting server.

We're having latency issue with it, so there are few things to ask.

1. How can I examine a specific channel's current subscription count before subscribe?

2. We have approx 500++ player in a channel, what is proper max player per channel?

3. Can I set max player in a specific channel? If possible, Is there any "Full Channel Exception" like errors?.

Thank you in advance!!


  • Hi, Rhee.

    1. now there is no way to check amout of users in channel
    2. there is no limitations right now
    3. no, you can't
  • Hi chvetsov!

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Are you plan to add those features later on?

    I think having web api for getting current user count in specific channel would be very useful.

    We have to dispatch users to different channels according to it's current user count - to reduce latency issue.

    And it will be more helpful if there's a way to get the list of users. Because of Guild Channel - users might want who's up or not.

    Thank you!
  • of course, we will. we fixed current api for sometime, to make stable what we already have and to check what clients need
  • +1 for channel head count before subscribing, or at least a channel limit with error.

    Right now there is no way to funnel users away from an overfilled public channel.
  • Thank you for input
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