Marco Polo Camera

Hey there,

I'm following the Marco Polo tutorial. After completing the chapter on "Adding Animation" I lose control of the camera following the client.

At that point in the tutorial, we've disabled or removed the character control script and the character camera script, and we have removed the bit from the "OnJoinedRoom()" method within RandomMatchmaker.cs. And then we have enabled the myThirdPersonController.js script and modified it to begin using "isControllable" and the _characterState.

Everything runs just fine, however the main camera no longer follows anyone, regardless if there is 1 or many clients. I've tried enabling the characterCamera scripts in a few different ways, but it gets messy with the characters movements so it doesn't seem to be an option.

Has anyone run through the tutorial on 4.6 and run into this issue?



  • Is there any warning or error in the Console?
    I didn't check this with Unity 4.6. Afaik, it should do and the bigger changed will be in Unity 5.

    If the camera doesn't follow anyone, check "Fight for Control" again and make sure the CharacterCamera gets enabled and please check if it needs to refer to some camera object. Out of my head, I don't know if CharacterCamera needs a reference.