Photon Client SDKs v6.5.0 for iOS, Windows and Meego

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The new v6.5.0 native Client SDKs introduce a lot of new features and some major changes:

* We added support for a new platform: 6.5.0 is the first SDK, being released for Meego, a Linux-distribution, developed especially for handsets, netbooks, tablets and embedded systems.
* From now on additional datatypes are supported: empty arrays, arrays of type EG_Hashtable/Exitgames:Hashtable/NSDictionary and multi-dimensional arrays, please refer to the demos, documentation and release-histories for more information.
* The C-API for datatypes-handling has been refactored to be more consistent.
* Boolean-arrays are now working fine for Win32 (already did before, on the other platforms).
* Several issues with string-handling in the C++ Clients, which have been introduced with the Unicode-support, added in the 6.4.0 release, have been taken care of (see release-history).
* The objC-client now provides the new classes EGArray and EGMutablearray, which are subclasses of NSArray and NSMutableArray and guarantee, that all elements of the array are of the same type. So you can’t accidentally for example add a string to an int-array and then wonder, why you are getting unexpected behavior, anymore. These classes can be used for all kinds of datatypes, even your ones, and are not in any way limited to the types, supported by Photon, just like their Cocoa base classes.
* The Photon Callback-Interface has been reworked to be simpler to understand and more straightforward (status changes and operation results do not share the same callback anymore), same as in the .NET clients, a while ago.
* For LitePeers raiseEvent-operation you now can specify the target-actors and do not have to overwrite it anymore, to be able to send an event to another group of receivers than “anybody in the same room, but myself”.
* You can now fetch the servertime explicitly, which can be useful in situations, where an update could be more accurate than the old value (for example, if the latency got a lot better). Furthermore the servertime will be more accurate in general now.
* The behavior for several edge cases has been improved (see release-histories).
* In addition there have been made a lot of smaller API-changes. Please refer to the release-histories.

Get the Photon 6-5-0 SDKs here.
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