migration from smartfoxserver

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Hi there,

I'm looking into migrating all my code from smartfoxserver 2.x to photon. Simplying the bitching: their turn-around time for bugs is horrible. I can't keep wasting months waiting for their fixes.

So, is there any tutorial or anyone has experience of migrating smartfox 2x code into photon?
btw, this is my game that I want to port: http://www.joaquingrech.com/dogfight.html


  • Boris
    Boris ✭✭
    If you are new to Photon you should take a look at our demos and tutorials here: http://developer.exitgames.com/demos/demolist
    Especially the ones that use Lite or LiteLobby, these photon apps might be a good fit for your game.

    We don't have tutorials on how to port from smartfox or any other networking engine to Photon.
    But there are probably some developers in the unity community that can give a few hints.