Photon Server, Unity, DotNet and Silverlight SDK Releases

Tobias admin
edited May 2011 in Announcements
I just uploaded several new SDKs to our download page. The more interesting one will be the Server SDK: It fixes issues with policy-request peers eating up the CCU of a license and now allows us to name alternative Licensing Server URLs.
So far, we didn't hand out licenses with the new URLs but we deployed two more servers already and we can supply you with new licenses where needed.
The new server internally handles clients in another way. This was done to cope with hardware which changes a client's port while it's connected. However, this change requires you to update Unity, DotNet and Silverlight clients to a new client SDK. At least v6.3.1. is required, v6.4.0 is brand-new (and doesn't change too much either).

Let us know how you do with the new SDKs.
Get them on our download page.
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