TCP Peer max reached ?

edited May 2011 in Photon Server
I've been building out a prototype application based on the Lite game server in Unity. I haven't altered the server side code yet (although that is likely the next step).

A problem I keep running into is that the server locks me out after 100 clients have entered and left games on the server. These clients are not connected simultaneously.

When I review the server data it shows that the TCP Peer max is reached ? (temp license ...). but nobody is connected to the server.
I set the LitePeer game communication to UDP unreliable [not TCP] -- (so im thinking this probably has something to do with my initial connection to the server and my disconnect ). I typically leave my test app by simply stopping the game in the IDE or closing the browser it is running on (as a player would).

Any thoughts on how I should handle this issue...