Problems with PUN after implementing Photon Chat

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Today I implemented the Photon Chat for having a chat in the lobby. The chat works fine, except that I can not create any rooms in Photon Cloud anymore. The only thing I changed is that I added "using Hashtable = ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable;" in the scripts where I create and join rooms.

I don't get any error messages. The only thing that happens when I create a room is that I get disconnected from Photon after creating a room.

Can somebody help please? thanks


  • There must be something in the logs.
    Are you using the latest PUN and the newest Chat API from the v4.0.0.4 SDK? Which platform?
    Could you provide us a repro project? If so, send a download link to: [email protected] and refer to this topic.
  • I don't know if I am using the newest PUN... where can I see that? Yes I'm using the latest Chat API... Platform: Web

    I can not provide any repro project at the moment, but I still get these errors...

    I can not create any rooms when I add "using Hashtable = ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable;" to the beginning of the script where I create and join rooms.
  • If you get errors, please let me know the error logs.
    Check PhotonNetwork.versionPUN. 1.28.3 is the latest.
  • I get only this error wher I want to ceate a room:

    Disconnected from Photon.
    MainMenu:OnDisconnectedFromPhoton() (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/Photon Unity Networking/DemoWorker/Scripts/Menu/MainMenu.cs:171)
    UnityEngine.Component:SendMessage(String, Object, SendMessageOptions)
    NetworkingPeer:SendMonoMessage(PhotonNetworkingMessage, Object[]) (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/NetworkingPeer.cs:1529)
    NetworkingPeer:OnStatusChanged(StatusCode) (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/NetworkingPeer.cs:1174)
    NetworkingPeer:DisconnectFromMaster() (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/NetworkingPeer.cs:214)
    NetworkingPeer:OnOperationResponse(OperationResponse) (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/NetworkingPeer.cs:913)
    PhotonHandler:Update() (at Assets/FPS Kit Version 2.0/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonHandler.cs:66)
  • and my PUN version is: 1.28.3 but I imported the Photon .dll of the newest SDK ... ?
  • Which SDK exactly?
    DisconnectFromMaster seems to be from a way older version than PUN 1.28.3. What's the value of PhotonNetwork.versionPUN?
    I looks like there are several things mixed up and copied over in various directions. It's a bad side effect of giving you the PUN source that this doesn't work so well.
    We have to clear it up.

    In best case, you get PUN 1.28.3 and import it to a empty project. Then copy and paste it's files in explorer to your project. Replace .cs and .dll and everything. Just exclude the Demo folder when copying.
    Backup your work before you do!
  • Problem fixed :D

    At the beginning I thought that PUN is updated when I only copy and paste the new "Photon .dll" but then I realzied that I have also to replace the old Scripts from "Plugins" and "Resources" to have the full new version of PUN.

    Everything is working now. Thanks
  • Ah, ok!
    To update PUN, you need all files from the newer package, excluding the "Demos" folder.
    The tricky updates are sadly a side-effect of making PUN open source.