Connecting to my Server

I'm new in PUN and i need to make 2 rooms.In the first room will be all connected players and the second room will be the level.So,in the first room players need to put down my IP,but how shall i do this?In Unity Network i was making it this way Network.Connect(IP,int.Parse(Port)); and the second room was starting at the all connected PC's
void StartGame()
How shall i do that using PUN?
P.S. Sorry for my English =)


  • I need your help,so please respond.Also I wanted to add that it is a cooperative game for 2 players.
  • In Photon Unity Networking, we always use a dedicated server. You only need an address once. Our servers provide the address of the "game server" on demand and players don't have to take notes.
    The room name is more or less replacing the server address, if players want to play together.

    You should not (!) make a room which has all players just to do matchmaking.
    PUN has samples which do random matchmaking and you can extend this later on into proper matchmaking with skill level, etc. ... -and-lobby

    Please allow us at least 24 hours for any answer. This is free support and we try to work on PUN in-between doing support ;)
    Do the Marco Polo Tutorial (and I mean: actually work through it)... ... marco-polo
  • Okay.Thanks.But what IP adress shall i give to my friends?
  • Finally,I understood how it is working...I didn't even thought,that it would be so easy...Thank you for help guys. =)
  • Hehe. Good to read it's so easy you didn't even expect it :)
    Glad you could make it run.