Photon PUN and Photon Server

Ive just found Photon so I got no real idea about it. Im totally newbie game programmer and Im looking for some reasonable solutions for networking. Ive read that PUN allows only for 20 users at the time. It it possible to use PUN just for game finding and once game has started to make one of the players the server and other clients without using PUN just Photon Server?


  • If you are a newbie, 20 concurrent users should not be a problem for you, really.
    The Photon Cloud limits your free account to 20 concurrent users. Playing at the same time. That is enough for some testing.
    If you run a Photon Server, you don't need the Cloud for matchmaking. You run the server and you get a 100 CCU free license.

    In all cases, you can of course buy other licenses for cheap when you need them.

    Let us know what you're looking for.
  • Yeah 20 CCU is something cool for beginners. The problem is I dont see any reason to learn something that wont be useful later.
  • I just saw I missed part of your questions.
    Photon is not just a Unity Master Server. It is a dedicated server and if you use it, Photon Cloud is a fully managed service for multiplayer servers. Hosting games on a random player's machine is not the best option in our opinion.
    Photon does matchmaking, in-game communication with lots of options, optional custom authentication and it integrates well with other middleware.

    It's certainly not limited to 20 CCU. Photon is used in many games and some of the games in the Photon Cloud have several thousand concurrent users - even though the developers never even touched any server code.

    If that's useful for you later on depends on your plans :)