MOBA like matchmaking ?


We're a team of students working on a MOBA game as a school project. We think about using PUN but a question persists after reading the API and googling it :

- Can we make a premade-team-based matchmaking system using PUN ?

We need our players to be able to team up as they like before finding a game. I figured out how to find opponents of matching skilllevel, but I don't see how to make people group up, join a room and still know they are all in the same team.

Thanks for your time,


  • I fear this is not supported out of the box.
    In Photon you can't communicate with "everyone". Unless you are in a room, you can't group, as you don't know who else is there.

    You could get multiple people in a room to group, then make up a room name to join.
    You can use Photon Chat to have room-independent messaging. Your teams can create a channel and one player can do the matchmaking and let the others know which game he's in.
  • Thanks for the quick reply !

    I was thinking about something like that. Photon Chat seems to be a nice addition to PUN and would allow team finding via global chat and team chatting.

    It should be Ok, I'll submit this to my team !